When the RCMP raids the Canadian Transit canada site

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The RCMP have seized the facilities of the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) after a federal court ordered the RCMP to hand over a large amount of documents relating to the transit agency’s operations.

The RCMP say the documents relate to the CTA’s management of its facilities, including operations, operations planning, management, audit and oversight.

CTA CEO Richard DeMarco and CTA CEO Scott Morrison have been questioned by the RCMP and the RCMP have also asked for the Cta’s financial records.

While some of the documents may have already been handed over to the RCMP, some of them may still be under review.

A spokesperson for CTA said in a statement that the agency was “extremely disappointed by the actions taken by the Canadian RCMP” and that the CCA is “not a subject of this investigation.”

CTA spokesperson Mike Pacholowski told The Hill that the information is “under review and we continue to cooperate with law enforcement.”

The CTA has been in trouble with the federal government before.

In the past few years, the CBA has been the target of several criminal investigations.

In 2015, the RCMP seized assets belonging to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) after the group sued the CAA in a federal lawsuit over a controversial $500 million funding formula.

In 2016, CTA had its finances seized by the Canada Revenue Agency after it was accused of not doing enough to protect taxpayers’ assets in a 2014 audit of the agency.

Earlier this year, the Canadian Association of Municipalities filed a lawsuit against the CAG, claiming the CSA was not doing its job by investigating the financial affairs of CTA.

But the CTF’s latest move is significant because it comes after the RCMP raid the CTC’s Toronto office in July, which involved the seizure of about $500,000.

Last month, the Federal Court of Canada also ordered the CTS to handover all documents related to the audit of CTC.

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