Vw Transporter owner to ‘stand down’ as owner of B2B transport services company

May 22, 2021 References

Vw Transport, the operator of VWA’s transporters, has stepped down as owner and operator of the company behind them.CEO Richard Stenk said: “The company is in the process of being sold.

I am standing down as the new CEO of VwTransport.”

The company’s business was disrupted by the financial crisis.

In April, VWA sold its B2Bs unit, the B2C Transporters unit and the VWA VWA Transporter division.

The sale is expected to close in the next week, and Mr Stenck said the company was still in discussions with potential buyers.

VwTransports business has been hit by the downturn, with the B1B unit struggling to generate enough cash flow to cover its bills.

However, in its statement, the company said the B4B unit had made an “unexpected recovery” and was now operating at a higher level than the B3B unit.

“We are confident that the B5B unit, which is the company’s largest B2 business, can continue to deliver value to customers and the company as a whole,” Mr Stensk said.VWA is now in talks with a new operator for its Transports division, which operates in the major cities of Auckland and Sydney.

The company has also sold off some of its other B2 businesses, including the VwOmbot vans that were bought from B2A B2F in February.

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