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How to find a new truck driver

The world’s largest trucking company says it has launched an app that allows users to find out whether or not a prospective driver has been hired, and whether they have been on the road with the company.

In a statement, Kia said its “driving” app is currently in beta, which means that it can be used to look up and verify if a driver has logged on to the service or if they are currently in the field.

Kia said it has been working on the app for more than six months and will launch it in the US and Canada this year, but added that it is currently targeting its first countries: Brazil, China, Indonesia, Mexico and Thailand.

Driving apps are being increasingly popular in recent years with many drivers looking to make more money, as well as being offered as a way to help them avoid a car accident.

However, it is not clear if the company’s app is being used by drivers who are not part of Kia’s workforce.

According to the company, its driver-finding tool uses a combination of both facial recognition technology and machine learning to find drivers.

It said it is “working hard to bring this to the US market in the coming years”, but declined to give details on when this would happen.