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How to get a car to the beach

People in the coastal town of Tamu, in the central Indonesian island of Sumatra, can enjoy the freedom of a beach without driving.

For one thing, the roads have been widened by the government and there are more beaches to choose from.

“It’s a beautiful place, with beautiful beaches,” says Mr. Hatta, who runs a hotel.

“You can see the sunset from the beach.”

The main road to the Tamu airport, which is located about five kilometres from the resort, is also a popular spot for visitors.

A few kilometres from Tamu is a small town called Sukkur, which was once the main fishing village and now houses the Sukkuran tourism board, which promotes the resort as a place to enjoy the beautiful coastline.

The town of Sukkurt has been known to host fishing boats, kayaks and paddleboards.

Mr. Sukkurat was a mainstay of Indonesian tourism in the 1990s, and it’s still a popular destination for holidaymakers.

Sukur’s residents, however, are also busy with other pursuits.

It has been ranked among the top five most polluted cities in Indonesia by the country’s environmental watchdog, Environment and Resources Ministry.

The pollution in Sukkurs harbour is a major problem.

The city is home to several sewage treatment plants, including one in the centre of town that was used to treat sewage from nearby towns.

In the summer, the sewage overflowed and was discharged into the ocean.

The sewage has now been diverted into the nearby waters, where it is now being treated.

A nearby sewage treatment plant has also been set up, and the town is working on an improved system to control the sewage.

The government has also invested in a new sewage treatment facility that will allow the city to treat waste for free.

The mayor of Sukurb said the sewage system will be operational in a year.

“We’ll be able to handle all the sewage that comes in,” said Sukkuro, a 70-year-old villager.

“The whole of Suktur is polluted, but it’s the water that’s polluted that makes it really dangerous,” he said.

“When we have a new system, we’ll start treating the sewage right away. “

We have the sewage treatment system, but how do you treat the sewage?” “

When we have a new system, we’ll start treating the sewage right away.

We have the sewage treatment system, but how do you treat the sewage?”

The city’s sewage treatment station is operated by the local municipality.

The treatment plant is located on the island’s western shore.

Residents of Suksur can go to the sewage facility to get their treatment done in two to three days.

Residents can also visit the treatment plant in the village, where the sewage is collected and treated.

The residents of Sukek are also happy about the sewage-treatment plant.

“Every day we go there, we see all the water coming from the sewage plant, and then we have to clean up the sewage,” says Sukektur resident Pang.

“But now we can come and use the sewage from the treatment station as well.”

The sewage treatment area is the main point of contact for the city’s residents.

“In the morning, we go out to the town square and there’s a lot to see,” said Mr. Pang, adding that the residents are also welcome to stay overnight in the sewage water treatment plant.

He added that the water treatment works will be finished in a couple of months.