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MTM (MTM Transport Network) is an Australian-owned, national railway network that is owned by the Australian Government.

The MTM Network covers more than 40 states and territories and provides services to over 40 million people across Australia.

The MTM network is divided into six zones which operate independently of one another, each with their own management and oversight systems.

The zone system is designed to provide service reliability, performance and cost efficiency.

The five major regions of the MTM are:Auckland (ACT), Brisbane (QLD), Adelaide (SA), Melbourne (VIC), Perth (WA) and Brisbane (ACT).

The other major MTM zone is the Western Australia Region.

This is a smaller area of the country that covers some of the driest areas of the continent.

It is administered by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (DRID) and covers about 15,000 kilometres of rail and road.

The Central Transport Tracking (CTT) and Central Traffic (CTL) systems operate across the country, providing information on the distance, time and direction of traffic on MTM and Central Transport Tracks.

These two systems are used by train operators, traffic police, drivers and other road users to help them plan routes and services.

The system allows operators to track the position of cars and trucks in the system and identify where they need to change their routes to avoid collisions.

It is also used to assist with planning services for road users and train operators.

The Transport Transport Monitoring and Reporting (TMPR) system is an electronic system that records and keeps detailed information about MTM movements across Australia and also provides a database of all vehicle, driver and passenger movement on MTMs.

The data is collected by road traffic control and analysed by a specialist unit within DRID.TMPRs are also used by all Australian governments to ensure the safety and security of MTMs, including for drivers and passengers.

The Transportation and Transport Monitoring Unit (TTMU) is also a part of DRID and provides an extensive range of services for government, industry and other organisations, including information on MTMTs movements and traffic control systems.

The Government has established an expert group to assist in the development of these and other Transport Monitoring Units.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) is responsible for providing all railway operations, including the MTMs and Central Trains.

The NTA has a dedicated MTM Operations Support Centre which provides all the relevant information, services and advice that MTM operators need to ensure safe operation.

The NTTA has also developed a comprehensive MTM Operating System which includes information on operational issues and procedures and the MTMT Operator’s Guide which is a technical guide for MTM operations.NTTA provides the MTMA with an annual operating budget and operates it on a state-wide basis.

The NTTA also operates MTMs in some other jurisdictions including Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.