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‘Theresa May’s Brexit policy will be as weak as the government itself’: poll

By Andrew WalkerTheresa the “Brexit” Prime Minister has promised to “totally destroy” the EU’s “bureaucracy” by leaving it to its own devices, as she tries to stave off a defeat in the EU referendum.

But on Friday, the Prime Minister was criticised for “completely disregarding” EU law when she promised that “nothing will change” and that the UK will remain “in the single market”.

On Wednesday, the Government said it was “concerned” about the “potential damage” to the UK economy caused by Brexit.

Speaking in the Commons, Home Secretary Amber Rudd also revealed that a “firm commitment” from Brussels had been made to “protect” the rights of the European citizens living in the UK.

“There will be no change in the way we enforce our laws, and that means we will be in the single European market,” Ms Rudd said.

“The EU is not in a position to change our laws in this country.”

Asked about her plan to “take the lead” in enforcing EU law, Ms Rudd was more circumspect.

“I don’t want to make a prediction,” she said.

“But I will say that there is a strong commitment from Brussels that we will protect the rights that our citizens have in the United Kingdom.”‘

A whole lot of people’Ms Rudd said that the Government was “committed to taking a strong stance” in the Brexit negotiations and that she would “treat every citizen fairly and we will not back down” in their case.

She said she had been “working with a number of my colleagues to try and put together a plan that protects the rights and interests of our people in the negotiations, and so we are committed to taking that lead in the talks”.

“We are committed, and I will continue to be committed, to working with our partners in Brussels to take a strong stand on protecting the rights in the British people’s lives.”

However, Ms May said on Friday that the EU would “do everything we can to ensure” that the rights “of the British citizens who live in the European Union” would not be affected by Brexit, including by offering “legal assistance” to those who wanted to leave.

“They will be protected, and we are going to be doing everything we possibly can to take all the necessary steps,” she told reporters.

“We want to protect the British economy as we move forward and do everything we have to do to ensure that the British can get the right deal for them.”

It is a whole lot more complicated than that.