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How to buy a new car, get a better ride and pay more in taxes

1 of 4 The Globe and Mail’s travel expert James Flanders reviews a 2018 Nissan Maxima, which can be found for $40,000.

The car, built by Nissan in Mexico, is a crossover that can go from one city to the next and back again.

Flanders says that the $40K price tag is a bit steep.

The Nissan Maximus, as it was dubbed, has been a fixture in Canada’s booming SUV market for nearly three decades.

In 2018, it made its debut in Quebec City, Canada, where it sold for $47,000, or just over $12,000 a car.

Its successor, the Maxima XS, came out two years later and sold for about $42,000 in Toronto.

A few months later, the new Nissan Maxi, which has the same platform, hit the market in Montreal.

Fruits of Nissan’s labors The Nissan Maximo is a powerful crossover with an array of features, including a six-speed manual and an automatic transmission.

It also comes with a 10,000-mile warranty, which is the longest warranty in Canada.

But it also comes at a cost, with a $3,100 sticker price for the all-wheel-drive version, and a $4,000 sticker price, or about $4 per kilometre.

The standard model comes with an eight-speed automatic, and the top-end, seven-speed version costs $5,800, or $5.70 per kilometer.

And the Maxi XS gets the eight- and seven-spd-only options, which are available for $1,500 and $2,100, respectively.

The Maximo XS is powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, and it makes 140 horsepower, or 138 horsepower-per-tonne.

Its petrol engine is a six cylinder, and its diesel engine is four-litre, which makes 143 horsepower and 138 horsepower.

The petrol engine can be paired with the six- and eight-speds, and each offers a power output of 140 horsepower-for-kilometres and 142 horsepower-to-litres.

In terms of torque, the petrol engine delivers 224 lb-ft of torque at 6,000 rpm, while the diesel is paired with a six and eight spd.

In order to get the maximum mileage, the car can reach 62 km/h on the highway.

The diesel-powered version can reach 78 km/s.

Nissan says that its fuel efficiency is up to 23 per cent.

The automaker says that it’s equipped with a range extender, which allows it to extend the mileage of the vehicle to 30 to 40 kilometres.

The range extenders are located in the rear of the engine bay, and when used on the Maximo, can be set to send the vehicle into highway driving mode.

A Nissan Maxilo, pictured here in Montreal, is also capable of pulling in up to 20 kilometres on the shoulder, and can reach 70 kilometres on a single charge.

As far as the cost, the company says that there is a $5 per kilometare tax, and that a $1.5 tax for each kilometre driven.

It says that customers can also choose from a variety of options for their vehicle, including the option of the standard eight- or nine-speed model.

The Nissan’s marketing department says that they offer a range of other features, such as adaptive cruise control, which enables the car to slow down to a crawl if it detects an approaching vehicle, or to a stop if it senses it is coming into a turn.

This Nissan Maximas crossover is the first model in Canada to be fitted with Nissan’s new Intelligent Drive technology.

It is expected to be rolled out to more vehicles in 2019.