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How to get around Sydney in 2017

Transport for NSW and NSW Government are proposing to allow for a new transport operator for Sydney’s inner-west.

The new operator would be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the existing operator, TMX Transportation.

Transport for Australia says the new operator will operate in conjunction with the existing TMX Transport operator, providing high-quality and affordable transport to all parts of the city.

It’s expected that TMX will be a major player in Sydney’s transport market and is expected to invest over $2 billion into the city over the next four years.

TMX, which is owned by the Australian Government, is already the operator of Sydney’s tram system, and will be able to operate its own services to other parts of Sydney.

It will also be able operate a number of bus services, including the M4, M5 and the M6, to and from other parts the city, such as the outer-west and south-west regions.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance said the new transport company would be fully integrated with the TMX operator.

“TMX will operate all of the services in the city including tram, tram and bus services,” Mr Constance told reporters.

The Minister said the existing transport operator would continue to operate the M5, M6 and M7 tram services, as well as the M7 and M8 bus services.

TMX is already one of the largest tram operators in the world, and has been operating in Sydney since the mid-1990s.

A spokesperson for TMX said the company was not commenting on the proposal.

According to the Minister, the new service will provide the public with a choice between a new, more reliable and affordable tram service, which will help meet demand, or a fully integrated service, where both TMX and TMX have the same vehicle fleet and services.

Transport For Australia says it will seek public submissions on the proposed new transport operators by July 1.

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