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India to build 1,400 km of expressway in Jammu & Kashmir

The government has given its approval for construction of 1,100 km of an expressway between the capital and Jammu and Kashmir, an official said.

The government has cleared the expressway project for construction and is awaiting a final approval for the project from the local authorities, the official said, adding that it is in the final stages of planning.

Construction will start from July 2020 and is expected to cost about Rs 2,500 crore.

The expressway will be built on the eastern side of the Kargil plateau, the second longest in India after Jammu.

Trump ‘s foreign policy is more than just policy; it’s a strategy

President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, while keeping the US on the same path to a nuclear-armed Iran, is a strategic move.

The president is signaling that the US can no longer afford to risk war with China and other rising powers that would threaten American interests and security, writes Charles Krauthammer. 

Trump’s decision is not just a policy decision.

It is a strategy, says the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, who has written extensively about the potential implications of the president’s withdrawal from the deal.

“The United States must remain engaged in the world,” Trump told reporters on Thursday.

“I believe we are at a point where we need to be.”

But he also said that he wants to make sure the deal is implemented and that the American people understand how important the Paris agreement is.

It will be a very, very important agreement, but we are going to be a leader in that, Trump said.

“It’s a big deal.

I think you’ll find that, as well,” Trump added.

“We’re not going to let it fall by the wayside.”

The president’s comments came in a speech to Congress on Thursday afternoon.

The speech was notable for the way in which he made a call to action for the American working class.

The remarks were not entirely about Trump’s departure from the agreement, however.

Rather, he focused on the role of the U.S. in the Paris talks.

“When the agreement was announced, the president said it was a huge step toward saving the planet, that the agreement would save us billions of dollars, and that it would save the world from war,” Krauthammmer writes.

As Krauthamp wrote in the Washington Examiner earlier this year, the United Nation has been more aggressive in trying to achieve a global climate agreement. “

Trump’s comments are not only consistent with his stated goal of keeping the United State in the deal, but they also reflect a fundamental shift in the United Nations approach to climate change.

As Krauthamp wrote in the Washington Examiner earlier this year, the United Nation has been more aggressive in trying to achieve a global climate agreement.

“There are a lot of elements of the Paris accord that he would want to see changed. “

That is where Trump’s speech really stands out,” Krauz said on Wednesday.

“There are a lot of elements of the Paris accord that he would want to see changed.

The Paris agreement itself is not a climate agreement and it is not even a climate change agreement.

The U.N. is the global forum for negotiations.

That is the place where Trump and his team will be talking to get the United Kingdom to agree to it.

That, in turn, would make it much harder for the U to leave. “

If they get in, they will have to accept the U.’s terms,” Krautz said.

That, in turn, would make it much harder for the U to leave.

“A lot of the Trump team would love to get in and make sure they can leave without any sort of agreement,” Kraus says.

“But the U is the United, the people of the United states are the United and we are the people.

So, we’re not leaving without a deal.” 

Krauthamber also points to the president as a factor in the failure of the deal to be implemented.

He notes that Trump, as the world’s most powerful man, is not the only one who has been in the position of having to make this kind of political choice.

“At a time when America is the most powerful nation in the whole world, the Trump administration and the rest of the world are going through the very same sort of political decisions that the United Sates had to make in order to get this agreement,” he writes.

Trump, Krauthau said, is also putting the United countries’ interests at risk by leaving Paris, despite the fact that the administration is expected to sign the agreement on Thursday morning.

“All the political arguments that the U S. and other countries make about how important Paris is and how important it is for the world and for our economy and the world economy, are simply not credible,” Krauss writes.

How to save on airfare when travelling abroad

Air travel is cheap and can be a great deal when travelling overseas.

It also offers the convenience of being able to save money on your next international flight.

Here are some tips to help you save on your travel.


Check if you can fly first If you want to fly out of the UK, you will need to make sure you can do it safely.

You will need a flight permit to fly within the UK and it will have to be approved by the UK Border Force (BfW) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

The BfW can ask for a ‘first-time pilot’ licence to fly a UK flight.

It is valid for only one flight at a time.

This is usually the case for domestic flights.

If you do not have a flight licence, you can apply to the UK Customs and Excise Agency (FCA) to have a second licence.

You can apply online.

This will cost you £50.

The Bfa will then check your application and send it back to you.

You then need to pay for the licence fee.

If the Bfw does not approve your application, you need to ask for permission from the Bfa.

The application can take up to two weeks to be processed.


Make sure you have a suitable itinerary You will probably need a separate itinerary for each destination you are travelling to.

You should check with the airline if you want more than one flight.

The easiest way to do this is to make a note of the destination and the time you are planning to depart.

This way, you don’t have to go back and re-schedule each trip.


Ask your flight operator to check that you have checked in properly If you don´t have an itinerary, it is likely you will have booked a flight for your next trip and need to check-in to your flight as soon as possible.

You may be required to check in before your flight and then board your flight if it is delayed.

The operator will also be able to check your baggage before boarding.

This can be difficult if you are going to be carrying luggage that is more than 10kg.

It can also be a hassle if you have luggage that isn’t fully booked.

It could also be time consuming if you don`t check in properly.

Make certain you know the flight to which you are flying and whether it has been approved for you.

This may help if you get an answer from the operator on the details of your flight.


Booking a hotel on your return trip This is a common way of saving money and having an easier trip back home.

Book a hotel at a discounted rate on the internet.

If your flight is to a cheaper city, this may be the best option.

Make your reservations in advance and book ahead.

If it is a longer trip, you should check your itinerary to ensure you can book in advance.

This should mean you can get in before you arrive.

If there is a travel agent on your flight, make sure they have your name and contact details.

If not, they will need you to provide them with a confirmation number before you can be booked.


Make a note on your booking to help if there is an issue or problem If you are booked on a return flight, it may not be possible to get to the destination as scheduled.

This could cause you to miss your flight or be delayed.

If this happens, make a full itinerary of your return flight and make a copy for your return ticket.

Make this copy available to the airline, your airline’s travel agent or a hotel manager on the return trip.

If problems are found, make them known to the flight operator.

This means you will not be charged extra for the delay.


Find out if there are any international flights on the way You may find yourself flying from an overseas airport, and therefore have to pay the international taxes and fees when you return.

If so, it will be a good idea to make your reservation in advance so you can check in and make sure the airport is not affected.

You could also consider booking an international flight to another airport to avoid the taxes and/or fees.

If travelling overseas, it could be a better idea to book a connecting flight as a direct flight between the UK airport and the destination.

You do not need to book the connecting flight, but if you do, it should be a connecting international flight as the connection is more convenient.


Look at your return leg of the journey If you plan to return to the same city and destination, it might be cheaper to buy a hotel in the city than to stay in a hotel.

You might be able, however, to book an apartment or a flat in the same destination to reduce the taxes, fees and other charges you might face.


Use an online booking platform It can be easy to book hotels or apartments online.

However, this can be tricky if you only have

The future of the driverless taxi rideshare industry

Transportation companies are gearing up for a new era of automated transportation with the introduction of driverless car services in cities like London and Amsterdam.

The company that’s bringing the technology to market is called Zuleta and it’s an American company that specializes in the creation and delivery of ride-hailing applications for people.

The two-part pilot program in London will be the first of its kind in the world, according to Zuletas founder and CEO, Matt McLean.

The firm is launching the program with the aim of testing the potential of automated car services to serve a variety of markets.

The pilot program is part of ZuletA’s ongoing pilot program to test its service to different customers, including a few who are currently in London.

McLean told me the company will have a full-scale trial in London on October 19.

The city has seen an explosion of the popularity of driver-assistance-based transportation since Uber’s arrival in 2014.

London has a high number of UberX drivers, a network of taxis that is designed to meet the needs of the people using them.

In addition to being an UberX service, the city also has a growing number of cabs that are used by taxi and private car companies.

The drivers of these vehicles are also trained to have the skills to drive autonomous cars, so that they can be used by ride-sharers.

Mclean explained that the pilot will be a first-of-its-kind in the history of driver assistance, but it will be part of a wider rollout.

The Zulet service will use an app called Zuzule, which is available on the Apple App Store.

Zuzulule allows users to summon taxis and allow them to pick up customers.

A number of cities in Europe are looking at pilot programs with driverless cars, which can also help improve the efficiency of their transportation systems.

The cities are testing the technology in different locations and with different drivers, including London, Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam, according the company.

McLeod says that Zulet is aiming to offer rides to people who want them.

The service will offer rides from London to the Netherlands, Berlin to Luxembourg, Amsterdam to Amsterdam, and then back to London.

The taxi company says the service will provide “a more efficient, efficient way to get around,” according to McLean, who told me that it will also be convenient for people to hail taxis.

Zulet has partnered with a number of taxi companies and the service is expected to be available in all major cities in the European Union by the end of 2019.

It’s also expected to have a global presence, including in the U.S., U.K., and the U,K.

The UberX driver program was recently tested in New York City, which will see it available in the city’s Chinatown and other areas of the city.

UberX has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with many UberX riders using the service as an alternative to paying a taxi driver.

Uber has been trying to make its service more affordable, but many of its customers are worried about the safety and security of the ride-sharing service.

Uber also has the potential to disrupt traditional taxi services.

McLeans comments that Uber has seen the growth of its driver-assisted ridesharing program, which allows people to summon rides from the comfort of their own homes and pick up other customers, but they are still limited in the amount of cars they can use.

Uber said in a statement to Wired that it has always been about making a living, and Zulet’s service is part, in part, of that.

Uber does have the option of launching its own driverless taxis, but that could change.

Mcleans told me he doesn’t expect Uber to launch any driverless cabs in the near future.

“It would be a really interesting experiment if they were going to start to work on driverless,” he said.

Zule’s pilot program will have several benefits for Zulet, McLean said.

One is that the company has already proven that it can operate a pilot program with people, McLean said.

Uber will be able to test Zulet services on its own network and not need to rely on third-party drivers.

The other benefit of the pilot is that it allows Uber to test new technology in a real environment.

Mc Leans said that Zule will also test its technology in more than one location, which he expects will allow Zule to expand the pilot program.

Zulara also plans to roll out the service in other cities, but Mc Lean said the company is still testing a pilot in the United Kingdom.

ZuZule will only be available for those with a driving licence, according McLeane.

Zulule will not be able as a standalone service, Mc Leane said, but will be incorporated into Uber’s network.

Mc Lean added that Uber’s driver-based rideshares