Police say man who was shot at a Metro train station on Thursday is in hospital with non-life threatening injuries

Aug 12, 2021 Our services

Police have confirmed a man who died on Thursday night has been in hospital for non- life threatening injuries.

Key points:The man was struck by a bullet while riding a Metro bus in Parramatta on Thursday eveningPolice say he was taken to Parramattha hospital where he later diedHe was not identified due to his ageThe man’s death has been ruled a homicidePolice say the shooting was unprovoked and there were no other victimsThe man died on the way to Parrama Hospital.

He was struck from behind by a single bullet while sitting in a bus in the northern suburbs of Parramata and Parramattanaweera on Thursday.

He had been walking on the southbound side of the bus and was taken by ambulance to Parra Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“The police were called to Parrumatta at 10.30pm after a person had been struck by an unprovoking bullet in the area,” Detective Inspector Nick Hester said.

“There was no other incident.”

No other vehicles were involved in the incident.

“At the time of the incident, the bus was empty and the driver was in the process of taking passengers from the bus when a man was on the bus with a handgun,” Detective Superintendent Peter Smith said.

Police said it was not clear if the man had a weapon and the investigation was ongoing.

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