How to spot the new ‘Daylight Transport’ logo from your mobile

Jun 20, 2021 References

A new logo for the Oakland Transportation Department has caused a bit of controversy online.

The logo features a light blue light-emitting diodes on a black background.

The design was inspired by the work of famed graphic designer Frank Lloyd Wright, who created the city’s original transit logo.

In the late 1990s, Wright designed a logo for an oil refinery in Texas that was later used as the basis for the new logo.

According to a story on ABC, the new Oakland Transportation logo is a “very modern design that incorporates the city, cityscape and urban design elements that have become associated with Oakland in recent years.”

The logo was unveiled on Thursday during a ceremony at City Hall.

The logo features two concentric circles and the word “TODAY.”

It will also feature the “Oakland” cityscape design from a recent Oakland Planning Department report on the Oakland City Plan, which was released last week.

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