How to get to the games in Hawaii

Jul 28, 2021 Corporate

Honolulu, Hawaii — The NFL has announced that the 2017 Hawaii Football Season is now on track.

The Hawaii Football Association has been working with the NFL to create the Hawaii Football Game Plan.

The plan will provide guidance to coaches, players and fans to plan games, provide logistical assistance and assist with game day events.

Hawaii Football was first officially recognized in 2009 as a “state” in the U.S. and was the only state to have an annual game.

Hawaii is the smallest state in the country, with just over 7 million people.

The 2018 Hawaii Football season is scheduled to kick off on Sept. 8 with the Hawaii Bowl against the University of Hawaii.

The season will culminate with the 2019 Hawaii Football Kickoff Game against Arizona State on Sept., 14.

Huge thanks to the Hawai’i Football Association and NFL for their support of the Hawaii football program.

The Hawaii Football game plan is expected to be fully implemented by the end of the year.

In a press release, the NFL said the plan is a “significant step forward in establishing the foundation for Hawaii football in the coming years.”

“The 2017 Hawai’a Football Game will help the entire league understand how we can best support the future development of the sport of football in Hawaii, and the Hawaii players and coaches will feel more at ease knowing that their game day experiences will be safe and secure.

We look forward to welcoming our fans in 2019 and helping to build a great, safe and successful season.”

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