How to get around London via London buses

Sep 27, 2021 Our services

Transport for London says it is working on the creation of a bus route from the northern end of London to the northern suburbs, which could take commuters to and from their destinations.

Londoners using public transport can travel between Heathrow Airport and the north-west corner of the capital for free, but only if they book a ticket from London to central London.

The transport authority has been working with a company called Welsi to create a new route that will connect the airport with the suburbs and include a new bus stop at the north end of the city, which will serve as a hub for the city’s public transport network.

Currently, commuters travelling from Heathrow to London must get off at London’s Waterloo station.

“This route would open up an alternative route for Londoners to get from Heathrows Heathrow Terminal to their destination and from there to their homes and offices,” Transport for the London region’s chief executive, Stephen Wilson, said.

Welsi is the only company to have applied to Transport for England to run a public transport route to the north of the country.

Wilson said the company would operate the route, and it would not replace any existing routes, but it would provide a direct link between London’s north-east and the rest of the UK.

Transport for London and the public transport authority have been in talks about the idea since March.

However, the government has been adamant that the route cannot be operated on the basis of private company bids because the city has no capital city boundaries.

The route would run along the railway line from the city centre to the suburb of Southwark.

It would also take a number of journeys through the city to reach Heathrow.

According to Transport For London, there are a total of 1.4 million people living in London.

About a third of Londoners commute to work via public transport, the transport authority said, with nearly 80 per cent of those taking the bus.

Over 90 per cent use a car to travel to work, it added.

A spokeswoman for Transport for Britain said it was “looking forward to getting further clarity” on how the route would be run, and that Welsid has “shown a commitment to taking forward this project”.

Transportation for London is not the only city-based transport company that is planning a bus corridor.

Buses are also being proposed for London’s east and west end, which would link the north and south of the boroughs.

In January, Transport for Scotland launched a pilot project for its Glasgow service, which is operated by a bus company called Trains Scotland.

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