How to get around Canada’s congested cities

May 23, 2021 References

A new generation of cellphone-toting, mobile-based taxi drivers will soon be on the job.

The province is hoping a mobile phone-based technology called “cabshark” will reduce wait times and reduce congestion.

Cabsharks use a camera to capture photos of customers and drivers as they travel through a crowded city.

(Carshark/Facebook)Mobile-based drivers will now be able to see and follow the movement of customers, the government said in a news release on Thursday.

This will be done using cameras and other devices such as GPS and sensors that can help drivers navigate city streets safely.

“We have invested heavily in technology and we are pleased to be the first jurisdiction to have taxishark in operation,” said Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca.

“The cameras will enable us to keep people safe, ensure customers have a good experience and give us an edge when it comes to traffic.”

The government hopes to roll out taxisharks by 2019.

“The technology is a tremendous boon to the transportation sector in Canada and it is exciting to see this emerging technology being adopted by other jurisdictions around the world,” Del Ducah said.

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