How to drive an electric car in Australia

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Updated September 12, 2018 03:31:58 The Victorian government is considering introducing a “motorway plug” for plug-in hybrid vehicles to allow them to drive on the highway as well as on the private transport network.

The government said the plug would be able to provide “the same range and range per km” as the conventional diesel motor, but would have to be driven to a destination.

The plug would need to be plugged into the vehicle’s battery, which is already an electric motor.

Victoria’s Department of Environment, Planning and Transport said the department is “working with the manufacturers to determine whether they can provide a viable alternative to the diesel motor to allow the use of the vehicle for public transport”.

“The Government has been committed to increasing our use of electric vehicles to achieve this objective and is now looking at whether there is a viable motorway plug technology to allow for the same range, range per kilometre, and range to be achieved,” the department said in a statement.

“While the Government’s current approach does not meet these objectives, we are confident that a plug can provide the same amount of range, capacity and range for the vehicle as a diesel motor and provides greater safety and reliability.”

There are currently no other electric vehicle options in Victoria, but the Government believes it is critical to provide an option for the public to drive a motorway plugged electric vehicle on the Victorian public transport network.

“The department said the government is working with the manufacturer to determine how the plug could be used.

According to the Department of Transport, the plug is expected to cost about $400,000.

Under the Victorian Government’s plan, hybrid vehicles will have to travel at least 60 kilometres per hour to achieve the same level of range as a conventional motor vehicle.

There are no plans to extend the plug to other vehicle types.

VicRoads said the state government is “considering a number of options” including “electrification of all vehicles, electrification of a number or all motorways in the state and electrification and plugging of a few of the motorways that currently have diesel motor service stations”.

The government said it will release its decision on the plug later this year.

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