Brazil: Airports to be upgraded to cope with rising demand

Sep 25, 2021 Comments

Brazil’s biggest airports have been upgraded to meet increasing demand from passengers.

The World Bank has been providing the country with $25bn (£20bn) in assistance to help improve its airports.

Brazil’s airports are among the world’s busiest, with more than 3 million passengers a day travelling through them.

There are more than 30 international airports in Brazil and the country has more than 100,000 flights a day.

The government has also been investing in the country’s transport system, with new metro lines and buses being built.

This has also seen the construction of more than 2,000 miles of road, a number of new bridges and more than 7,000 kilometres of railways.

The new upgrades have come at a cost, however, with many passengers complaining about overcrowding.

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