Australian drivers say ‘this isn’t a joke’ as the Government cuts funding for car transport

Aug 5, 2021 Contact

A series of federal cuts to the National Transport Management System (NMTS) have put some drivers at risk of losing their jobs, with many taking to social media to vent their frustration.

Key points:The Government has cut the NMTS budget by $400m and put drivers at “significant risk”The move comes as a new National Transport Agency (NTA) is set to be established to provide services to the country’s transportation systemThe cuts are part of a $7.6 billion package to fund Australia’s transportation infrastructureThe NMTs budget is cut by $40m and has resulted in drivers receiving less money for their jobs than they normally would be paid.

A series of government announcements announced last week has slashed the National Transportation Management System, which is responsible for managing the national transport network.

The agency is the brainchild of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who is now the Minister for Infrastructure, Regional Development and Regional Australia (IMDRA).

The Government announced that funding for the NTMS will be cut by more than $400 million, and the agency will be reduced to the size of a small car rental agency.

Mr Rudd said in a statement that the agency had been given $500m by the previous Labor government, and it was now being cut in half.

“It is the Government’s view that the NTA is a vital part of the country road network and its role in ensuring safe and reliable public transport services,” Mr Rudd said.

“The Government will continue to support the NTTs budget, but we will not be making any further funding available.”

The Government said it was still providing $2.2 billion to cover the NTFS’ costs over the next four years.

“We have been committed to supporting the NTSS through the next fiscal year,” Mr Morrison said.


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